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Hi, and Welcome to The Official Erik von Detten Home Page. Thanks for stopping by! This is a new page and is always under construction. As some of you may have noticed the links in this page were not working before. We have fixed that, and they should now work. Let us know if they don't. We have added a lot of new stuff to this page, and it may take awhile to load. Sorry about that.

Many of you may know Erik as Wally in the new movie "Leave It To Beaver." Erik has a long list of credits including: A recurring role on "Days of Our Lives," "Escape From Witch Mountain," the tv movie "Christmas Every Day," the highest rated episode of "ER," he was also the voice of Sid in "Toy Story," and he has a new movie coming out titled "Amanda," and more.

Erik is doing many guest appearances on tv shows this fall, so be on the look-out. Erik, as some of you may have seen, was on the pilot episode of the new CBS show "Meego", also starring Jonathan Lipnicki(Jerry Maguire), and Michelle Trachtenberg(Harriet The Spy). Check out the Appearances section of this page to see what tv shows and such Erik will be doing.

Erik, is 15, and is currently living in California with his parents and siblings. Make sure you check out the new Trivia section of this page added 10/26/97. For more facts and information about this talented actor go to the "Facts" section of this page. Thanks! And enjoy!

On Friday, October 24, Erik will be on the new CBS show playing a friend of Trip Parkers.

We are thinking of starting a Newsletter on Erik, depending on how many people we can get to join. So, if you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible! Thanks!

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