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The Unofficial Joe Barbara Homepage
The Joe Barbara Photo Gallery
-Updated 1/25/97
Joe Barbara Articles
-Updated 1/21/97
Upcoming Events
Joe Carlino-The character that Joe Plays on Another World
-Updated 1/26/97
About Another World
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Joe Carlino Spoilers
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Comments and Questions on Joe Barbara
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Another World Links, and Such
-Updated 1/26/97

The Unofficial Joe Barbara Homepage

Hi Everyone, and Welcome! I hope that all of you enjoy this page. Although it is not done, I will try and work on it as much as I can. I am always looking fo suggestions. Well, grab a chair, and take a look around!

About: Joe Barbara

This page is all about the very talented, Joe Barbara. Joe portrays the role of Joe Carlino on NBC daytime's Another World. Joe Carlino is married to Paulina Cory. They have a son named Dante. Joe C owns Carlino's Restaurant, and is a Police Officer. He has one sister, Sofia.

Joe Barbara was born in New Symrna Beach. He attended Syracuse University, and he graduated with a B.S. in television and film production. He joined the cast of Another World in 1995. Other televison credits include and episode of the "Cosby Mysteries." This past year, he also starred as Danny Zuko, In "Grease!" I was lucky enough to go see his performance, it was great! He was performing in "Grease!" on Broadway from April-September. Now for two weeks he will be touring with "Grease!" from December 30th-Jan. 12th. In Boston and Canada.

I know of four chats that Joe has participated in, I have the URL for only one, right now, I will try to get the URL for the rest A.S.A.P, if you know of anyothers, please tell me, Thanks! NBC Chat

I am going to try out these two Ideas that I had. The First one is a Comments Section, where anyone who wants can e-mail me, and send me any comments that you have, regarding, Joe. And I will put them on this Page, for others to read.

The Second one is a Questions Section, in this one, you can e-mail me questions, and I will put them on this Page, and then, People can respond.

I am going to try and have more information on Joe Carlino, and spoilers on him, also.


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