Erik von Detten Articles

Erik von Detten Article #1-from All Stars, December issue

All-STARS: Where are you from origainly?

ERIK VON DETTEN: I was born in San Diego and now I live in L.A.

All-STARS: Do your friends treat differently now that you act?

ERIK: They used to, but they've gotten over it. They're older and more mature now.

ALL-STARS: Do you have a girlfriend?

ERIK: Not currently.

ALL-STARS: When do you start school again?

ERIK: Not until the middle of September, so I've still got some time.

ALL-STARS: Do you have a favorite subject in school?

ERIK: I like math a lot. I used to hate social studies, but now it's getting kind of interesting. I've been enjoying my time off from school though. I just picked up a pencil the other day to write down a note and oooh, I got nightmares!

ALL-STARS: What do you do in your free time?

ERIK: I read, play my guitar, surf.

ALL-STARS: Do you write songs?

ERIK: I just mess around with chords and words and stuff.

ALL-STARS: Do you sing?

ERIK: I sort of sing. I yell the words, like modern rock.

ALL-STARS: Who's your favorite band?

ERIK: Blues Traveler is awesome, but there are some new bands coming out that are really good.

ALL-STARS: Do you dance?

ERIK: I got to dances but I don't dance for talent or anything. [Laughs] I'm not that good of a dancer either.